Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's in your Cupboard?

Is your cupboard filled with canned, packaged, and processed foods? Cereals loaded with artificial colors, sugars, and additives? Hydrogenated oil-laden snack foods? Crisco oil? Wealth truely does not equal intelligence in this situation! I'll try to be gentle here.

This is what makes a difference.

A counter top displaying a juicer, high power blender, food processor, dehydrator, electric tea pot and a multi-grain rice cooker.

A refrigerator full of carrots, greens and veggies ready for juicing and/or salads. Soaked nuts ready to be made into milk.

Do your fruit bins hold only apples?

What's in your pantry? onions and potatoes (in separate bins?) Herbal teas from around the world?

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