Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amrit Kalash, MAK-4 & MAK-5

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently on anti-oxidant’s and everyone seems to have their own idea of what’s best and why.

It’s certainly easy to get information overload when compiling research these days, since there is so much available information out there. Nevertheless, that is what I do and pass on the information to you to save time, trouble and money discovering just what is the “deal” on certain things.

Regarding anti-oxidants, it seems like it’s the new “buzz” word. Every MLM I’ve come across, especially most recently , has shiny glossy photos in their catalogues of healthy food telling you they’ve got it all in that one little bottle you drink daily!...and that their high ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value, etc. is higher than the other one.

I think they’re all good, some are better than others. But what I’ve found to be the best is something called Amrit Kalash. Even Deepak Chopra talks about Amrit Kalash and endorses it, but that’s not why I say try it. I have seen the research on this product and it is truly amazing and well worth having in your cupboard and taken faithfully daily.

Amrit’s gifts are many: Enhance longevity, boost memory, sharpen intellect, lend a glow and aura to the skin, improve the quality of the voice, make speech more effective, increase the stamina of the senses, keep the body and mind youthful.

I’ve read about its anti-platelet aggregating capabilities (good for anyone over 40) and there’s a whole section dedicated to it in the Waking the Warrior Goddess book about fending off breast cancer.

I’ve never been an “auto-ship” type of gal, but this product is worth an “auto-ship” and the manufacturers have made it affordable as well. (less than $3.00/day)

Boost your immunity, look younger and healthier with this two-part synergistac Ayurvedic 5000 year old formula by calling (800) 255-8332 and ask for the Club Combo 2: Ambroisa Tablets and Nectar (paste or tablets) . Be sure to let them know your discount code: HP-195

I’m sure there are other anti-oxidents that may be “similar”, but none that have produced the proven health benefits that Amrit Kalash have.


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