Friday, August 24, 2007

Renee in Wonderland....

I'm sitting here wondering, wondering why people don't pay attention to their health until it's too late! Even then they don't.

Every day I get a phone call of someone telling me that "so and so" has just been diagnosed with cancer. This cancer, that cancer. It's such a commonplace these days it's incredible. Usually it's third stage, whatever cancer it happens to be. How is this possible? How can so many people be so completely unaware of what is happening in their body? Are they so tied up with daily living? Too afraid to go to the doctor early on? If they go to the doctor early on, does the doctor dismiss their concerns as "stress" related?

What amazes me is even after someone has been diagnosed with cancer, goes in for surgery, even has to decide if they want chemotherapy or not in some cases, the person still trys to eat the same way they ate before.

Nutrition plays such an important role in our health. Do salads really taste that bad? I suppose if your taste buds have become so coated that you cannot experience the taste of "real" food, it really doesn't matter. Except for the fact that the fried food you just ate is creating a mucoid plaque in your intestines that will cause you harm down the road. Maybe because you cannot see it, it's not like it's really there? Well, you can't see gravity but we all know it's there. I guess that's what keeps us from jumping off of bridges and things like that!

It may seem difficult or expensive to begin a natural healthy eating lifestyle and taste "funky" at first. But believe you me the benefits will be great in the near and distant future. What will be difficult is not being able to sleep and have to pay for expensive operations and medicines! and have to have your relatives take care of you. How much fun can that be?

It's time to wake up and smell the wheat grass juice! Take responsibility for your health and let the government take care of the others that just can't seem to get past their aspartame riddled diet cokes and trans fat laden french fries.

It's a known fact there will not be enough heart surgeons to facilitate all the heart bypass surgery's that are going to be needed in the next 10 years!

The aging population is actually living longer, yet with ill health...just more medication. When you suppress an illness with medication the illness actually reverts inward towards your internal organs. This is the philosopy and knowlege of Homeopathic Medicine.

When the TV commercials are telling you to "ask your doctor" for this or that medication, it's gotta make you wonder once again, "who's agenda is it anyways?" I really don't think it's yours. Unless you really pay attention to the dislaimer "may cause heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, etc." your cholesterol is under control, but your kidney's are failing?

You be the judge.

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