Saturday, November 7, 2009

How much can you take?

A new way of eating is not a "diet" it is a new way of life. You can go on the way you have been and feel the way you have been, or embrace a new concept in daily habits and feel a whole lot better! This is an excerpt from World and thought it was highly valuable in sharing.

Dr. Richard Schulze on Healing and Responsibility:


Many people spend 30 or 40 years killing themselves with cigarettes, beer, wine or whiskey, coffee, black tea or soft drinks, high fat, sugar and low-fiber diets, junk food, no exercise, negative television and a bad attitude. These same people then worry if a herb may hurt them, if they are getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet or if they can physically take a health routine.

Get real!

You're lucky to be alive after what you have done. I have always found that a person's breaking point is about a million times past where they think it is. Most people who are taken hostage, starved and given forced labor end up healthier. Maybe you should consider getting kidnapped by a hostile government.

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