Thursday, November 15, 2007

Take Note about Canola Oil's Misperceptions.

Nutritionists seem to love canola oil. Every time fat is discussed on the Today show by their resident nutritionist she mentions Canola oil as a healthy alternative. I read about it in books and magazines. I think it's time to set the record straight. Here is a quote from a book Good Fats and Oil by Siegfried Gursche. Siegfried is an expert on fats and oils. Another book published by Siegfried is Fats that Heal Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus.

"Canola oil is a fairly recent newcomer on the market. It has gained popularity for two reasons: First because of a well funded advertising campaign touting it as a "heart healthy" oil, and second because of its low price, by which it has gained a huge market share...

Canola oil is actually the product of genetically engineered rape seeds. Rape seed oil is unsuited for human consumption because it contains erucic acid, a very long chain fatty acid which can cause fibrotic heart lesions. By modifying the rape seeds it was hoped to create an oil rich in healthy fatty acids. However, in the refining and deodorizing process, which is done with high heat (450-500 F), some of the good fats are turned into trans-fatty acids (bad fats). Recent studies also show that refined canola oil actually causes a deficiency in vitamin E, a vitamin required for a healthy heart, and contains traces of the erucic acid that causes heart lesions, especially when the diet is low in saturated fats. Canola oil and other refined oils have no place in a whole-foods kitchen as they have been stripped of all valuable life elements and contain dangerous fats as a result of processing."

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