Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hormone Replacement Facts to Know.

For those of you currently on a medical prescription for hormone replacement, the way you take the hormones is crucial to your health. When research has compared the oral route versus transdermal or through the skin, the oral route has far greater health risks.

Your MD can have your oral hormone prescription changed to a cream and made up at a compounding pharmacy. (To compound is to create by mixing or combining.) Tell your MD that you would like 2 things written into your prescription due to your “sensitivity to chemicals”:

1) Hormones are sent to the pharmacy as crystalline powders that they initially mix with a small amount of propylene glycol (solvent used to make anti-freeze, and in the paint and plastic industries). Request that olive oil be used instead as the initial substance to “pick up” the hormone.

2) After this, it is combined with a lotion. The lotion or cream that the pharmacy will use has very toxic preservatives and ingredients in it which is their usual operating basis. Request that the compounding pharmacy use your own healthy organic lotion that you provide them with before they begin their process. To save yourself trips, you can ask them to make up a 3-month supply.

Your primary job is to find an MD who is willing to help you with your best health interests. The rest is easy.

Good luck!

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